I need to stop sleeping on Satisfactory

  • Written by Destructoid

One of these days, I'm going to sink an unholy amount of time into Satisfactory, a game about building elaborate factories on an alien planet. Today's news the release of Update 3, complete with a long-requested pipe-laying system, and a tease for the game's Steam release pushes me one step closer.

Along with catching the cinematic trailer, I'd suggest checking out the Update 3 patch notes – they're full of cool gifs. I only have a surface-level understanding of Satisfactory, but I'm so intrigued. Above all else, I need you to know that you can construct and travel through Futurama-style "hypertubes."

Update 3 also includes fluids (to go along with the pipes), an AWESOME Shop that dishes out cosmetic rewards in exchange for unwanted resources, a Dune Desert redesign, the ol' "crouch and slide," and a substantial rebalance that affects building requirements, production, milestones, and recipes.

Satisfactory has been tied to the Epic Games Store since March 2019, but Coffee Stain Studios plans to bring the game over to Steam Early Access "soon." I can easily see it climbing the charts.

"There is still some work we need to do behind the scenes to get everything flowing," the studio noted in a post on Steam. "But this is a priority for us and we're doing our best. However... we all know how proficient we are in delays. So, I predict Steam launch at 5:00 p.m. GMT on Tuesday, 2020."

If you're gonna leave us hanging, have fun with it. That back-of-the-head Valve tease is perfect.

I need to stop sleeping on Satisfactory screenshot