Sea of Thieves is fixing the dreaded 'double gun' tactic

  • Written by Destructoid

Death in Sea of Thieves can come swiftly. Sometimes you're simply outwitted or outplayed, and that's fine, if a bit irritating in the moment. Other times, you might be offed in a less-than-commendable fashion. That's how I'd sum up the so-called "double gun," a maneuver that executive producer Joe Neate says has grown "more prevalent" as of late. It's a bad way to go, even among pirates.

Basically, players figured out that you can fire a shot with one gun and then immediately switch to another for a deadly one-two punch. Some have called the move an "exploit" in need of fixing while others feel it's well within their right to use, arguing that it's risky and requires skill to pull off.

In this week's Sea of Thieves developer update, Neate explained that the double gun maneuver was "never our intended design." The developers "never intended for there to be a one-shot kill player-to-player in Sea of Thieves" and, thankfully, they're addressing the issue in a future update.

"We're just currently trying out a couple of fixes to it," he said.

Sea of Thieves is fixing the dreaded 'double gun' tactic screenshot