Song of Memories has been cancelled on Nintendo Switch

  • Written by Destructoid

PQube Games has announced the cancellation of Song of Memories for Nintendo Switch. The announcement was made via an apologetic tweet from the developer earlier today.

Anime-infused visual novel Song of Memories was originally conceived for the PlayStation Vita, but was eventually moved to PS4 and Nintendo Switch platforms. Citing developmental issues, PQube openly states that they cannot get the game running to a respectable level of quality on the Nintendo console, eventually deciding to pull the plug.

The PS4 release is expected to go ahead as planned, and is penciled in for launch on February 1. The western localisation is mostly unchanged from the Japanese release, save for the rewording of "school" to "academy". Song of Memories appears to be your typical "boy-meets-girl, then-more-girls, then-there's-an-apocalyptic-virus-planning-to-wipe-out-humanity" tale of hi-jinx.

Song of Memories launches on PS4 February 1.

Song of Memories has been cancelled on Nintendo Switch screenshot