Here are Destructoid's most anticipated games of 2019

  • Written by Destructoid

Depending on whom you ask, 2018 was either a great year for gaming or a veritable shit-hole. Yes, the year was lit up by some absolutely wonderful experiences from both indie and AAA developers alike, but there were also loads of misses, some of which made headlines for weeks after their launch. We got God of War, but we also got We Happy Few. Celeste broke barriers while Fallout 76 simply broke. Far Cry 5 ended up as one of the best-selling games of the year, but it’s also one of the least daring titles to hit the market over the past 12 months. Also, Agony happened but nobody cared because we were all too busy playing Fortnite.

2019 could end up being a bit of a mixed bag. Nintendo is sure to have a fire year with all of the known games it has coming our way, but the same can’t be said about Sony and Microsoft. Third parties will once again dominate the landscape beginning in January, but with the hint of new consoles on the horizon, it’ll be interesting to see if that continues for the next 12 months or if some publishers and developers are already moving onto newer hardware. Of course, there’s also PC, a category I ignore far more than I should as I’m not a PC gamer. Many great indies and exclusives hit computers in 2018 and with the launch of the Epic Games store, PC gaming could be undergoing its biggest transformation in a decade.

Who knows what 2019 has in store for PC, Switch, 3DS, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile, but what we do know is the games listed below are the titles we’re most looking forward to this year.

Here are Destructoid's most anticipated games of 2019 screenshot