Are you ready for 30 more hours of No Man's Sky?

  • Written by Destructoid

No Man's Sky's newest patch has just landed and it brings with it a whole heap of extra content. The biggest surprise is that there is a brand new, 30-hour long campaign to work through. I'm sure fans of the game are just foaming at the mouth for more content to explore.

Along with that comes the sort-of multiplayer that was originally teased before launch. Called "joint-exploration," this feature lets you see orbs floating around on the various planets you'll encounter that indicate when another player is in the vicinity. Up to 16 orbs can appear at one time and you can even communicate with each other via voice chat.

The last major update to the game comes about as graphical tweaks. I can't say whether or not this trailer is pulling our legs (I haven't played the game), but it does seem to look a bit more lush.

Are you ready for 30 more hours of No Man's Sky? screenshot