Free Overwatch Loot Boxes Available Now For Amazon Prime Members

  • Written by Gamespot

If you're both an Amazon Prime subscriber and an Overwatch fan, today's a good day. Subscribers can now grab five free standard loot boxes for the game.

The loot is available through Amazon's Twitch Prime service, which all Amazon Prime subscribers get for free. Each month, Amazon gives away items and content for certain games. In June and July, players could snag one free Golden loot box that contained a guaranteed legendary item.

The five standard boxes that are available now operate as normal. Each contains at least one rare item or above; there's a 1 in 5.5 chance of scoring an Epic item or above, and there's a 1 in 13.5 chance of getting a Legendary item.

You can grab these boxes until September 10, but they aren't the last Overwatch loot that Prime subscribers will get. Five more standard loot boxes will be given away in October. You can claim your loot by logging into Twitch, connecting your Amazon Prime account, and visiting this website. You'll then get a code to redeem on Blizzard's site.

In other news, Overwatch's Summer Games 2017 event is now live, and it includes some new skins and brings back those from last year. Check out a gallery of all the Summer Games skins here.